April 12, 2024

Basics in Understanding Flavour: Taste & Non-Volatiles

​Flavour and how we perceive it is a vastly complex subject, one that encapsulates all the senses in one way or another. We covered touch only a few issues ago, when we discussed the importance of the somatosensory system on how we perceive flavour through touch.
April 12, 2024

MTA Announces 2023 End of Year Tourism Results: Writing History Together

The Maltese Islands have successfully recorded over three million visitors in 2023. This is a milestone in terms of the local tourism industry. The results were released by the National Statistics Office on the 12th February 2024 with figures representing what was achieved during the full calendar year of 2023. It has been a truly positive recovery for the tourism sector in Malta.
April 11, 2024

Chef Marvin Gauci – A Culinary Maverick

In Malta’s world of culinary arts, few figures stand out as prominently as Marvin Gauci. With a career spanning decades, he has not only established his name but has continually surprised the public with his infectious energy and passion for the art of food.
April 10, 2024

The Malta Kulinarja – a Homage to the Local Cuisine and Chef

Malta Kulinarja is a celebration of the unique and diverse cuisine of Malta. From traditional dishes passed down through generations to modern interpretations that reflect the island's multicultural influences, Malta Kulinarja showcases the very best of Maltese food and drink.
April 8, 2024

The Malta AgriFair 2024: Uniting Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food Industries

The agricultural, fisheries, and aquaculture sectors are not only essential for sustaining livelihoods but also for ensuring food security and promoting economic growth. In this regard, events like The Malta AgriFair play a pivotal role in bringing together stakeholders from these industries to exchange knowledge, showcase innovations, and foster collaborations.
March 22, 2024

Farm-to-Table Recipe Adaptation: Cooking with the Seasons

In the bustling world of the kitchen, where flavours meet techniques and creativity intertwines with practicality, the concept of farm-to-table recipe adaptation takes centre stage. We've explored the essence of recipes and the art of adapting them.
March 10, 2024

Optimistic Outlook – But Mounting Challenges

The COVID-19 pandemic was one of the most devastating crises of modern times, yet the travel and tourism industry managed to register a remarkable recovery, proving its resilience against all odds.
March 8, 2024

Food Safety Does Not Occur Naturally

Although food safety is taken for granted by many, it does not occur naturally. Food safety management is an integral part of the food service industry which is governed by the General Food Law and also by the moral duty of serving clients only safe food.
March 8, 2024

Denis Jin Young L. – A Journey with a Seasoned Consultant

In the dynamic realm of the Hospitality, Restaurants, and Catering (HORECA) industry, expertise is not just a commodity - it’s a culmination of years of hands-on experience, a deep understanding of diverse cultures, and an unwavering passion for the craft.
March 7, 2024

An in-depth analysis of ACE’S Horeca Results

The council for the Association for Catering Establishments presented their in depth survey (effected by Sagalytics) which clearly outlined the fact that, contrary to public perception; restaurateurs are working hard to earn a pittance in net profits.