November 20, 2023

HORECA 101 – Navigating Challenges and Cultivating Growth in Malta’s Tourism Industry

The Maltese tourism industry, a cornerstone of the country’s economy, has been grappling with significant challenges, as highlighted by recent surveys from the Association of Catering Establishments (ACE) and The Malta Chamber.
November 15, 2023

Touch. The Neglected Sense.

​As Chefs, cooks and foodies we all know the importance of the senses while we are eating. Taste, what we sense on the tongue indicates the presence of non-volatile compounds such as salty, sweet, bitter, sour and umami; the nasal receptors in our nose catch volatile compounds, those distinctive notes that give an ingredient its flavour.
August 8, 2023

An Ode to Culinary Exploration: Malta

After a decade living the fast-paced restaurant life in New York City I committed to exploring the culinary world. The journey started in Malta with a winter spent chasing sunshine, pastizzi, and a new way of living.