April 10, 2024

The Malta Kulinarja – a Homage to the Local Cuisine and Chef

Malta Kulinarja is a celebration of the unique and diverse cuisine of Malta. From traditional dishes passed down through generations to modern interpretations that reflect the island's multicultural influences, Malta Kulinarja showcases the very best of Maltese food and drink.
October 7, 2023

Local Food: The Shopping Basket of the Connoisseur

The term ‘local food’ has multiple and sometimes conflicting definitions. In most cases it means that the food was grown in close physical proximity to the consumer for example a few kilometres from the point of sale.
April 25, 2023

Why Local? The Challenges and Opportunities of Small

Malta is small and this presents many difficulties in the grander scope of producing food for the whole local population.
January 22, 2023

The Malta Kulinarja: A Showcase of Culinary Skills

The Malta Kulinarja is the culinary event that most Chefs would be eagerly awaiting to showcase their culinary talent in a challenge which tests their ability to perform to their highest levels under enormous competitiveness stress.