March 7, 2024

An in-depth analysis of ACE’S Horeca Results

The council for the Association for Catering Establishments presented their in depth survey (effected by Sagalytics) which clearly outlined the fact that, contrary to public perception; restaurateurs are working hard to earn a pittance in net profits.
November 24, 2023

Is it Really all about the Food?

Le Gavroche, the world-renowned London restaurant is closing down. Another successful and iconic restaurant in London, The India Club, has also hosted its last diners. These two restaurants together have been dishing out food and drink and making memories for over a century and a quarter.
October 7, 2023

Diana Beltran: Bringing the Flavours of Mexico to Italy

If you were invited by Dr Tonio Ellul, Honorary Consul of Mexico to enjoy a Tequila Tasting at the Cavallieri Art Hotel, would you attend?