Malta Tourism Authority

July 2, 2024

The Malta Tourism Observatory: Managing the future of the Maltese Tourism and Hospitality Industry

The Malta Tourism Observatory (MTO) plays a pivotal role in the Maltese tourism and hospitality industry.
June 28, 2024

Navigating the Future of the Maltese Tourism Industry

As we have embarked on another year, working our way up to tourism success, it is imperative to reflect on the strides made and the challenges overcome.
April 28, 2024

The MTA to Participate in the EU-Funded Cross-Re-Tour Project

The European co-funded Cross-Re-Tour project is an exciting new opportunity for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in the tourism, leisure and hospitality industry that are keen on taking on green and digital innovation.
April 21, 2024

The Malta Tourism Authority welcomes ITAKA Poland in 2024

In a prestigious event in earlier this year, the MTA Chairman Dr Gavin Gulia welcomed and thanked ITAKA Poland for their commitment to the market, for visiting and experiencing the Maltese Islands, and for hosting one of their conferences in our country.
April 19, 2024

Embracing Sustainability: Paving the Way for Tourism Success

It has been an eventful end of 2023 and beginning of 2024 for the Malta Tourism Authority. Sustainability has become an increased necessity to the tourism industry.