Lino Schembri

November 25, 2023

What Are We Eating?

Cultural and religious directives on foods have been in place for thousands of years, with recorded practices documented in the Bible and in ancient Egyptian texts.
October 7, 2023

Local Food: The Shopping Basket of the Connoisseur

The term ‘local food’ has multiple and sometimes conflicting definitions. In most cases it means that the food was grown in close physical proximity to the consumer for example a few kilometres from the point of sale.
April 25, 2023

Why Local? The Challenges and Opportunities of Small

Malta is small and this presents many difficulties in the grander scope of producing food for the whole local population.
October 20, 2022

The Role of the Chef in the Promotion of Local Produce

There is no denying that local produce is tasty, full of character and fresher than any other imported product due to the very short distance it has to travel from field and farm to fork.