November 28, 2022

Malta Michelin Guide 2022

The only way to make a Michelin Guide meal better is to get TWO MICHELIN Chefs to cook together!
November 26, 2022

The Meaning of Hospitality for Dorelan

Be it a typical hotel stay, an apartment for short let or a home for the elderly, what is key to the client making the booking, is the reassurance of feeling welcome to a room with little luxuries that lead to experiencing extraordinary moments that are not easily forgotten.
November 23, 2022

A Good Recovery for Hospitality but Challenges Ahead

As expected in Q1, all categories of hotels in Malta and Gozo had a very difficult time when compared to the record year of 2019. The Pandemic restrictions were more or less still in full force and the appetite for travelers to get on a plane and visit another country was very subdued.
November 19, 2022

To Food Truck or Not to Food Truck?

If you’re a foodie and you know the Malta and Gozo food scene like the back of your hand, you have definitely come across some good food trucks in your days. Some we reminisce on, some we simply can’t get enough of and others that are so new on the block, this might be your introduction to them.