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Threesixo Digital Solutions

Training the future workforce to battle food waste
April 22, 2020
2020 Vision: Hospitality Outlook for the New Decade
April 22, 2020

A fresh approach to quality management and strategy for modern and dynamic businesses that want to achieve sustainable growth.

Quality & Strategy must be at the heart of every business in today’s highly competitive and fast-paced environment. These values have to go hand in hand in order to achieve effective and satisfactory results.

Without a clear strategy, a business cannot achieve quality in the product or service it offers; as without a strategy there is no plan and without a plan there are no results, therefore a poor quality product or service will be the outcome.


Here’s where THREESIXO comes in. THREESIXO is a young, dynamic, energetic and vibrant consultancy firm, established in 2014. Consultants at THREESIXO work alongside the management team of the business in order to build and implement a strategy and improve quality throughout all business areas by adopting and implementing good management practices, standards and processes. Services, solutions and training programs are all tailor-made depending on the unique requirements of a company whilst following national and international regulations and practices. THREESIXO also offer Digital Solutions to the HORECA & Medical industries with their paperless HACCP solution, FoodCheck and their real time temperature monitoring system, CoolCheck. More information on these digital solutions can be found on

THREESIXO assists and advises a wide portfolio of clients, including some market leaders in the food, hospitality, production and services industries and together with their team of international consultants will help businesses grow and achieve their full potential in respect to Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Profitability.

For more information contact THREESIXO Consultancy on or visit their website

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