Tyrone Mizzi

Tyrone Mizzi

Head Chef

Q1: Could you share your educational and work background with us?

A: I studied at De La Salle College for 12 years, and then attended ITS before starting part-time work at the Intercontinental Hotel. I have worked in almost all departments of the hotel, as well as a 2AA Rosette Restaurant in London, a pastry shop, and several fish restaurants. I worked at the Hilton Hotel for a year and nine months, then moved on to a fish restaurant in Portomaso before joining Bahia from the beginning.


Q: What drives your passion for cooking?

A: As a child, I loved helping my mother in the kitchen, but I wasn’t very adventurous with seafood or fish. Working in various places allowed me to explore new products and develop my skills. Being a chef is not easy, but the satisfaction of seeing guests enjoy our food is priceless. It’s all about creating a memorable experience.


Q: How would you describe yourself and your work ethic in five words?

A: Adaptable, risk-taker, passionate, open-minded, creative.


Q: What are your plans for the next five years?

A: My goal is to keep pushing ourselves to elevate Bahia even further and provide a better experience for our clients. As for myself, I want to focus on our day-to-day challenges and see what the future holds.


Q: Who are some chefs who inspire you and what do you admire about them?

A: Two Chefs who inspire me the most are Bjorn Frantzen and Daniel Humm. Both have different styles and approaches to cooking, but they have reached the top of their game and created dishes that have made waves worldwide. I admire Frantzen’s incorporation of Nordic and Asian elements in his cuisine, and Humm’s plant-based approach to cooking.


Q: What is your favourite dish to cook and why?

A: While I enjoy cooking everything, I have a soft spot for Froga tat-Tarja, a dish I have been eating since childhood and is even on our future tasting menu. However, pasta dishes are what relax and satisfy me the most, so I would say any pasta dish is my favourite to cook.

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