Ritienne Brincat

Ritienne Brincat

Sales Manager

Q: Tell us about your educational background and your work experience to date.


After completing secondary school, I wasted no time diving headfirst into the world of hospitality. Eager to absorb knowledge from seasoned mentors, I embarked on a journey that included enrolling in various hospitality courses to enrich my on-the-job experiences. My initial role as a Commis Waiter evolved into managing multiple food and beverage outlets within a luxurious 5-star hotel. Today, I proudly oversee the operations of a prestigious 4-time MICHELIN-starred restaurant.


Q: Why are you so passionate about the F&B industry?


The F&B industry’s mix of challenges and opportunities is fueled by our guests’ satisfaction and enthusiasm. What truly drives my passion is exceeding expectations crafting unforgettable experiences through creativity and innovation. Excellence isn’t a destination; it’s an ongoing journey of unwavering consistency. At NONI, my brother and I treat every visitor like family. We warmly welcome all, making sure it’s an overall unforgettable experience.


Q: Mention five words to describe yourself and your work ethic.

Passionate, reliable, dedicated, goal-driven, and loyal.


Q: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I’m committed to personal growth as an ongoing journey and challenge. My future holds numerous plans, and I hope that NONI continued success will pave the way for us.


Q: Tell us one of the most rewarding experiences in your profession to date.

This one is easy! One of the most unforgettable moments in my professional life was on February 26, 2020, when NONI was awarded its very first MICHELIN Star.


Q: What growth do you anticipate for the hospitality industry in the next 20 years?

Innovation and creativity are becoming increasingly vital, especially in the MICHELIN Guide arena. While they come at a considerable cost in various aspects, they won’t deter us from pursuing our goals with the utmost dedication to the highest standards. The future of hospitality promises a dynamic and ever-evolving landscape where culinary artistry and guest experiences will continue to reach new heights.

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