Nathi de Lima

Nathi de Lima

Pastry Chef

Q: Could you share your educational background and work experience?

A: I developed my passion for cooking at a young age, learning from my family. At 15, I started taking quick pastry and dessert courses to sell homemade treats. At 17, I joined a culinary school in Sao Paulo and worked at the renowned MICHELIN-star Fasano Hotel for three years. I also pursued an MBA in catering business management and gained experience as a consultant. Later, I worked as a pastry chef at Zest Buffet, catering to large events. In Malta, I expanded my skills in different establishments before joining the esteemed Gracy’s team.


Q: What drives your passion for cooking?

A: The desire for freedom and creativity in my professional life fuels my passion. Seeing the joy on someone’s face when they taste my creations brings me immense satisfaction. The culinary industry offers endless opportunities for growth and learning, which aligns perfectly with my personal and professional aspirations.


Q: Describe yourself and your work ethic in five words.

A: Passionate, motivated, hardworking, team-oriented, disciplined.


Q: Where do you envision yourself in the next five years?

A: I thrive on continuous learning, which has brought me personal and professional fulfillment. In the coming years, I aim to achieve professional recognition and gain valuable experiences that contribute to my career growth.


Q: Which chefs have been your inspiration, and what do you admire about them?

A: I hold great admiration for numerous professionals in the industry, particularly those from whom I have learned. On an international level, Cedric Grolet and Amaury Guichon stand out. Apart from being esteemed chefs known for their creative and visually stunning desserts, they approach ingredients with scientific precision, extracting the best flavors and textures. I aspire to imbue my creations with the same level of expertise and artistry.


Q: What is your favorite dish to prepare, and why?

A: The Mississippi Mud Pie holds a special place for me. Chocolate has always been my favorite ingredient, and this pie encompasses all the elements I enjoy creating: a crumbly crust, a fudgy brownie layer, velvety chocolate filling, and delicate whipped cream. It combines various techniques and flavors to create an absolutely delicious dessert

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