Marie Choquet

Marie Choquet

General Manager

Q: Tell us about your educational background and your work experience to date.

After earning my import-export and logistics degree from a French university, I came to Malta in 2000, attending a one year course at the University of Malta. However, loving the island, I decided to stay. I immersed myself in the conference and incentive industry with various DMCs, and later explored the telecommunications sector with a Canadian export company, connecting with individuals worldwide. With the tourism downturn due to the epidemic, I found my new role as event manager at Ta’ Betta. Pursuing a deeper understanding of the wine industry, I attended the WSET courses at ITS. Today, I proudly serve as General Manager at Ta’ Betta Wine Estates.


Q: Why are you so passionate about the wine industry?

Although it was not my initial career path, the wine industry has become a true passion of mine. Witnessing the vine cycle, the meticulousness of the winemaking process, and the dedication which is instilled into each bottle has been truly amazing. Furthermore, the possibility to share this passion with our clients and people in the industry feeds my love for the sector.


Q: Mention five words to describe yourself and your work ethic.

Genuine | Passionate | Hardworking | Resourceful | Big Dreamer


Q: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Having helped to position Ta’ Betta as a leading winery, as well as a truly unique venue in Malta, I am eager to embark on the next chapter of this journey with this amazing winery. Together with our growing team, I envisage enhancing our reputation both locally and worldwide, innovating by creating new events and meeting amazing people.


Q: Tell us one of the most rewarding experiences in your profession to date.

I don’t think I can pick one specific event. My professional life has been a tornado of unanticipated experiences, and this is the best part about it. One of the most fulfilling aspects of my career has been overcoming challenges. These experiences have been crucial in my personal and professional development, pushing me to adapt and innovate. They’ve taught me resilience and problem-solving skills, shaping me into the professional I am today.


Q: What growth do you anticipate for the hospitality and catering industry in the next 20 years?

How Malta manages its tourism and catering industry will be crucial for its future. As tourism infrastructure continues to be enhanced, accompanied by the increasing popularity of Malta, it can be expected that there will be a growth in the consumption of hospitality services. Preserving the essence of Malta is crucial, including its breathtaking scenery and rich cultural legacy. I think that more and more travelers will be looking for special experiences that are only available in Malta, so we really need to pay attention to this.

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