David Buttigieg

David Buttigieg

Head Chef

Q: Tell us about your educational background and your work experience to date.

My culinary education started at ITS, where I graduated with a National Diploma. In the early stages of my career I worked with Chef Victor Borg and Chef Jonathan Brincat in various restaurants. As part of my internship, I travelled to London and worked at Apsleys Restaurant by Chef Heinz Beck, a one MICHELIN star restaurant, and also at The Royal Automobile Club where I was being nurtured by Chef Martin Carabott. Prior to taking the role of Head Chef at The Harbour Club, I worked as the Sous Chef at Noni Restaurant for 4 years.


Q: What drives your passion for cooking?

My passion for cooking is mainly driven by the connection I have with food. I love to explore creative flavour combinations, with a view of giving our diners a complete experience, even when I am inspired by a simple idea. Another of my drivers has always been the human aspect. Inside a healthy kitchen everyone speaks the same language and new ideas, different ingredients, methodologies, plating and many other discussions keep the team motivated. Finally, the fact that cooking engages all the senses, is deeply rewarding and offers a sense of accomplishment.


Q: Mention five words to describe yourself and your work ethic.

Respectful |  Professional | Teamwork | Perfectionist | Dedication


Q: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

My interest is to keep pushing my passion towards the things I love. Together with the rest of the team, we want to keep running a successful restaurant. I find great pleasure learning and sharing my own experiences to move forward in all the areas of the business.


Q: Who are some chefs who inspire you and what do you admire about them?

Currently, the Chef who inspires me is Josh Niland, an Australian Chef who has revolutionised the way he interprets fish. The way he handles fish and his cooking methods make him look crazy. Nevertheless I find him inspiring since he is exceptional at understanding every part of the fish, utilising it all and the way he ages fish is also incredible. In my opinion he is a genius, and his methods have inspired me to take different approaches and to try something new.


Q: What is your favourite dish to cook and why? 

I do not have a favourite dish but I would say that fish is my favourite ingredient. I have been experimenting with fish for many years and I find it very exciting since it is an extremely versatile product. Making bottarga from the roe, creating charcuterie from the head, ageing fish for weeks and using underestimated fish like sardines and anchovies, are some examples that motivate me. Seeing diners appreciate these techniques is very satisfying, since after all, our goal is to give our guests a positive experience.

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