Berenice Axisa

Berenice Axisa

Sales Manager

Q: Tell us about your educational background and your work experience to date. 

A: I graduated with a Bachelors of Commerce Hons from the University of Malta. During a trip to Tuscany, I discovered my love for wine during a Chianti Classico tasting. I pursued WSET studies at ITS and worked in the wine industry in Malta, followed by vintages in Tuscany. I then completed my WSET diploma and enrolled in an MSc in Wine Business at ESC Dijon in Burgundy. I conducted my Masters research in Coonawarra, Australia, where I have been based for the past 13 years.


Q: Why are you so passionate about the F&B industry; wine in particular? 

A: Wine, for me, evokes emotions and feelings. It’s a romantic experience that captivates those lucky enough to fall for it. From grape growing to winemaking to selling, the wine industry is dynamic and enjoyable, always leaving you wanting more.


Q: Mention five words to describe yourself and your work ethic. 

A: Driven, hard-working, positive, resilient, passionate.


Q: Where do you see yourself in the next five years? 

A: In the next five years, I envision myself still working in the wine industry, continuing my role as Sales Manager for Dandelion Vineyards, Heirloom Vineyards, and Sister’s Run. I’m also excited about launching a new wine brand, Trifola Vini, focusing on Italian varieties, particularly Nebbiolo grown in South Australia. After 22 years in the industry, I’m still passionate and eagerly anticipating what the future holds.


Q: Tell us one of the most rewarding experiences in your profession to date. 

A: Moving to Australia has been an incredibly rewarding experience that has shaped both my personal and professional life. While I value the knowledge gained in Malta and Europe, Australia has exceeded my expectations in broadening my understanding of the wine industry. I’ve grown both personally and professionally, and I’m still filled with excitement for the future, knowing there is always more to learn and achieve.


Q: What growth do you anticipate for the hospitality industry in the next 20 years? 

A: I believe the hospitality industry needs to embrace more change and inclusivity, especially regarding women in leadership roles. In the next 20 years, I hope to see equal opportunities and diversity programs that attract and retain women at various levels within hospitality organizations. This shift towards greater gender equality should become the standard practice across the industry on a global scale.

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