Austin Xerri

Austin Xerri

Manager & Mixologist

Q: Can you tell us about your educational background and work experience?

A: I completed a three-year Hotel and Catering Management Diploma Course at ITS and have been working in the hospitality industry for 23 years. I gained experience in London and New York City before joining Etihad Airways as Food & Beverage Manager. I then held management positions at top restaurants in Malta including Truffle & Truffles and Waterbiscuit at Intercontinental hotel. I am now managing Root 81 in Rabat.


Q: Why are you passionate about being a Mixologist?

A: Mixology is an evolving art form that requires passion, creativity, innovation, skills, experimental movement and focus. I enjoy bringing people and cultures together to create memorable experiences.


Q: Can you describe your work ethic in five words?

A: Professional, organised, motivated, customer satisfaction-oriented, and diligent.


Q: Where do you see yourself in five years?

A: I plan to continue managing Root 81 and working with Chef Patron Robert to create a new brand focused on Mixology & Gastronomy, using the expertise and inspiration of Root 81 and Austin’s Mixology Malta.


Q: Which Mixologists have inspired you and why?

A: I am inspired by Douglas Ankrah, who created the famous Porn Star Martini in 2003 and was an industry pioneer, and Simone Caporale, an internationally renowned bartender known for his attention to detail and playful presentation.


Q: What is your favourite drink to prepare and why?

A: The old-fashioned is my favourite drink to prepare because the aromas change during the mixing, stirring, and dissolving of sugars, bitters, and fruits. It is an authentic recipe from Kentucky, USA.



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