Adrian Hili

Adrian Hili

Managing Director & Chef

Q: Why the passion for hospitality?

A: Growing up in Australia, I fell in love with cooking while helping my dad prepare meals for family and friends. After studying hospitality management at the University of Queensland, I deferred my degree to become a chef. I worked in various kitchens in Australia, Italy, and London, including the River Cafe, before moving to Malta to start my own business.


Q: What is your educational background and experience?

A: I am passionate about good food and wine and sharing my experiences through my cuisine.


Q: Five words that describe you and your work ethic?

A: Dedicated, unwavering, stubborn, passionate, fierce.


Q: Where do you see yourself in five years?

A: In my kitchen, with a focus on tradition and innovation. I’m inspired by Keith Floyd’s approach to cooking, where he put his own spin on dishes while respecting their history.


Q: What has been a rewarding experience in your profession?

A: Working with Neil Perry at Rockpool and Ruth Rogers and Rose Gray at the River Cafe. They instilled in me a passion for seasonality and sustainability, which has shaped my approach to cooking.


Q: What growth do you anticipate in the hospitality industry in the next 20 years?

A: Simple dishes made with high-quality ingredients will always have a place in the industry. I love making homemade tomato pasta with good flour, eggs, tomatoes, salt, and basil, or grilling wild fish over coals. The focus will be on providing nourishing food that celebrates tradition and quality ingredients.

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