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Uninformed statements are putting livelihoods in danger – ACE


Added Tuesday 3 November 2020


The Association of Catering Establishments (ACE) refers to reports in the media regarding upgrading of licences. ACE has been informed by the Malta Tourism Authority (MTA) that establishments having a Food Safety Unit certification as a Restaurant (issued before the legal notices enacted last week )  may get an upgrade by MTA. No other establishment will be entitled to such upgrade.


The ACE also refers to reports in the Times of Malta and would like to clarify that it never said that legislation is not clear. In fact there is more than one entity issuing licences under very clear legislation and particular circumstances which led to this situation whereby there is a non realistic licensing scenario. ACE is glad to note that MTA  will allow upgrades in accordance  with FSU certification as afore-stated. ACE would like to thank MTA for understanding its calls.


There are various scenarios in the market and it is presumptuous for anyone to blame businesses for situations that have been building up since Malta’s pre EU accession and that various administrations did not address in spite of various calls to do so. The ACE considers comments passed over the last 24 hours blaming businesses as frivolous. It is indeed time for the country to get its act in order by streamlining legislation and ensuring licences reflect today’s realities.


In the current circumstances this cannot happen due to the laborious and lengthy exercise. The route taken by MTA is indeed the most reasonable given that the legal notices re new measures have already been issued. The solution could have been even simpler if consultation by the Ministry of Health took place before the actual issuance of the measures


One cannot risk the livelihoods of workers and entrepreneurs through uninformed statements and decisions.